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Hey. I'm the brains behind Missing Studios. I'm the one who has mostly built the site through the ages. This current version of the site I have made totally from scratch as a learning curve in web programming for a possible career in the future. If you're having technical issues with the site, I'm the one you come to

19 years old. University Student.

Computer Whiz - I love spending time on the computer. I am great at tinkering with computers and can even make money as a hacker if I choose.
Loner - I enjoy time spent alone more than time spent with others. I'm Quite shy and will never approach anyone that isn't a close friend. I prize my solitude and get nervous around large groups.
Good Sense of Humor - I tell the best jokes that never fall flat or fail to entertain.

Food: Fish and Chips
Music: Electronica
Colour: Aqua
Game: The Sims 3 World Adventures
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My Sims game collection consists of 57 games.

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Katy Perry Music VideoThe Sims 3 Ambitions

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Rufus the RobotKaty Perry Music VideoThe Sims 3 World AdventuresThe Sims 3 Ambitions

Pink_b3b3 says
23rd Apr 2011
hey did u know how can i create a robot my sim is inventor on 10 lvl skill ?

NatmascoT says
11th Nov 2010
I'm OK.Thank you.What are you doing?

NatmascoT says
10th Nov 2010
Hey!~ Jonny.How are you today? Bye!!~

Vesper says
6th Nov 2010
I've been well, thanks how are you?
I haven't been keeping up with my Simming :\ I actually uninstalled all my Sims 3 games quite some time ago.

Purple_Penguin00 says
3rd Nov 2010
yeah same

Purple_Penguin00 says
3rd Nov 2010
hey Jonny, and yeah sadly its been delted for no good reason but Simohollick has something up his sleaves

NatmascoT says
2nd Nov 2010
Thank you Jonny.

WelimQuick says
1st Nov 2010

WelimQuick says
1st Nov 2010
Hey Jonny, u got the game yet?

WelimQuick says
31st Oct 2010
Well...Just read everyone's comments about Late Night or plan something for MS, i dunno.

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