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Dear Visitors,

Missing Studios will soon be changing its focus away from The Sims and Electronic Arts. Since 2006 we have provided the community with news coverage, machinima and downloadable content. We have now reached a point where our personal interests, goals and ambitions have changed. We have decided to re-launch Missing Studios using the experience and success of the last 6 years to setup a brand new Web Design and Indie Games Development company.

We will be working together with a number of developers and freelancers to develop websites, Indie games and applications. We aim to continue to develop our portfolio of projects and services as the business progresses. To begin with we aim to focus on our consultancy work by providing businesses with tailored website solutions which incorporate the latest web technologies such as content management systems, social networking integration and HTML5/CSS3. These websites will be targeted at individuals looking for portfolios as well as small and medium sized businesses; especially start-ups looking for their first website. We are currently developing our very own management system to aid in the development of these websites. This involves the customer in the design and build stage as much as possible with step by step design tools and requirements gathering. As a result of this we believe the highest quality and most refined websites can be developed to meet budgets and time-plans.

In terms of Indie Games, we plan to develop small games for Windows 8 to sell on the new Windows Store. Other platforms will be considered as the business grows. Our first game will be a compelling 2D side-scroller built with the hardware accelerated graphics capabilities of the latest web technologies. In the future, we plan to move onto more advanced games for each project. More details will be available soon.

What happens to the current Missing Studios? The current website will remain open until the new website is ready. We plan to launch the business within the next 30 days. User generated forum signatures will be removed when the new site launches, so it is recommended that you save a copy of your signature if you wish to keep it as soon as possible.

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We hope to give more details soon,
Matthew Kidd and Jonathan Tiney
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